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 Experienced, Professional Massage Therapy in Los Altos

Positive Massage Therapy in Los Altos provides expert massage for help with injury, athletic performance, chronic pain, and relaxation. Treatment is available for specific conditions and injuries or general health maintenance.  Prenatal(pregnancy) massage is also available.
Each massage is a custom blend of techniques, focus, and pressure. Your present condition and goals for the session will be discussed before beginning, and feedback is encouraged during the massage.  After your massage self-care techniques including stretching and simple exercises are taught.
Treatment is based on the following modalities:

Deep Tissue Massage is a precise, clinical approach to specific problem areas in muscle and fascia.
Deep Tissue Massage may help you if you have chronic or acute pain caused by hypertonic muscles and connective tissue in areas such as your low back, shoulders, neck, or hips, as well as pain or injuries from sports and other activities. Posture as a cause of pain as well as a goal for treatment is addressed.    Read more about Deep Tissue Massage:

Sports Massage is very focused on helping athletes improve performance, prepare for competition, and recover afterwards. Swedish massage is combined with facilitated stretching and Muscle Energy Techniques such as PNF(Proprioceptive Neuro-muscular Facilitation) and Reciprocal Inhibition. The work is directed toward the specific areas critical to your sport. It can help protect against pain and injuries before physical activity and speed recovery afterward. Whether you run, bike, swim, or dance, Sports Massage can keep you at your best.  Read more about Sports Massage:

Shoulder massage |  Los Altos, Palo Alto, Mountain View
Massage of tight shoulders
Relaxation Massage is also known as Swedish Massage. It is the traditional form of massage familiar to most people, with slow and gentle to firm pressure.  Its goals are reducing stress and blood pressure, loosening the body and improving ease of movement, promoting deeper and easier breathing, and increasing your sense of well being.

Prenatal Massage gives special care to expecting mothers. It helps release of the aches and pains associated with the extra weight and physical changes that occur during pregnancy.  Prenatal massage can also reduce stress and provide physical nurturing which may be passed on to the baby



Positive Massage Therapy client feedback:

The massage was wonderful! Very focused, and just exactly what I needed. I haven't had any back pain at all today, thank you so much!!!

-B.H., Los Altos


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